How do I transfer to another wallet?

Follow these steps if you wish to send Bitcoin from your Coinme wallet to another location.

STEP 1:  Log into 

STEP 2:  Click on ‘Send’.

[Browser View]

[Mobile View]

STEP 3:  Enter in the destination Wallet Address.  You will need the ‘long form’ wallet address which is between 26 and 33 alphanumeric characters.

STEP 4:  Enter in the amount of Bitcoin you wish to send.  (Tip: If you are sending a large amount of Bitcoin to a new address, transfer a small amount first and wait for confirmation that it arrives at the expected location.)

STEP 5.  Skip the ‘Fee’ field.  Do not adjust this field unless you are an expert.  Coinmewallet automatically adjusts this field for you.

STEP 6:  Once all of the fields have been completely filled out.  Click the ‘Send’ button.

Usually we expect transaction to complete within 30 minutes, however delays can happen. For more information on delays, please visit this article on delays.